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a collection of projects by nathan tornquist




Arcade Classics V2.75 (2009) – A collection of arcade games for the Microsoft Zune.

  • Frogger – Try to get your frog across the road, and the river and then fill all of the lily pads on the other side.   Once every lily pad is filled you level up, and will meet new obstacles.
  • Space Invaders – Try to hold off the alien invasion as long as possible.  Your bases can be used to protect you, but be careful.  If a base is hit by an alien you lose.
  • Fall – Try to keep the block on the screen as long as possible by falling through the gaps.
  • Snake – Eat! Grow! Avoid hitting yourself!
  • Solo Pong – Pong with a twist.  This time you control all the paddles, and this time there are four.

Sample – Map Scrolling (2009) – The side-scrolling aspect of the top down side-scroller that I have began development on.


Exit V1.0 (2007) – Play the classic board game on your PC.  Tile the board to slide your pieces off, and try to keep your opponents pieces on the board.

Rollout V1.0 (2006) – A Ball Revamped style game for the PC.  Control a ball around a small maze, avoiding obstacles, attempting to get the ball to the end of the level.  This edition has 40 levels.

Skunk V1.0 (2007) – How high can you score without going over?  Risk your score to win more points.  Roll the dice.  If the dice are the same your score is zero.  If they are different you get the points.  How high can you get?

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