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Well, my name is Nathan Tornquist.  I am currently a student interested in the field of computer engineering.  I began my work as a programmer with a version of basic, and then migrated to C# when I began doing work with the Zune.  During the time between basic and C# I taught myself Python, Java, and some C++.

When I first started programming I had just played John Cooney’s Ball Revamped series, and wanted to write similar games.  That interest was the birth of programming for me, and drove me to write my first game, Rollout. After finishing Rollout I recreated the classic board game Exit, and Skunk, a game that I used to play in math class.  That took me up to the point that I got a new laptop.  The variety of basic that I had been using was not compatible with Vista (but is with Vista SP1), so I was forced to learn a new language.  This is when I learned all of the languages mentioned above.  After I found out that Zune development was possible, I completely shifted my focus.  I decided to write clones of classic arcade games.  I thought that they would be simple and fun, along with being a good way to learn C#.  I then began work on Arcade Classics, more information of that can be found in the projects section.

The purpose of this website is to simply act as a portfolio, and to showcase my work.  I have written many programs and wanted them to be publically accessible.  I will also use this site to provide updates and take feedback about my software.

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